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CreateDocuments issue in 9.1.5

  • 1.  CreateDocuments issue in 9.1.5

    Posted Thu August 06, 2020 09:18 PM

    Getting wierd situation with the DCO.CreateDocuments call and Junk pages.  App is based on APT and running 9.1.5.

    Have a batch containing 3 pages. In Fixup user marks pages as:
    1st Page = Main_Page
    2md Page = Junk
    3rd Page = Trailing_Page

    After DCO.CreateDocuments action is run the document assembly is wrong.  We get:
    Invoice document made up of the Main_Page
    Junk page
    Invoice document made up of the Trailing_Page

    The user was expecting a two-page invoice made up of the Main_Page and Trailing_Page, with the Junk page ignored.

    Is this as expected?  I know I could add an action prior to CreateDocuments that deletes the Junk pages, but just trying to determine if this can be handled through setup or if there's another way to handle this scenario.


    Chuck Todd

  • 2.  RE: CreateDocuments issue in 9.1.5

    Posted Fri August 07, 2020 02:51 AM
    Hi, Chuck,

    I haven't worked much with APT, but looking at the out-of-the-box APT application, I do not see a 'Junk' page type.  

    Assuming you've added a Junk page type to the Setup DCO, is it a valid member of the Invoice doc type?

    If it is not a valid member of Invoice (valid = a Junk page node nested under the Invoice doc node), then CreateDocuments() will not put it in the same doc as the Main_Page and will start a new document.

    If that doesn't explain the issue, what are the Min, Max and Order values of Main_Page, Trailing_Page and Junk?

    Robert Stegall