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no ISIS support on Datacap 9.1.7

  • 1.  no ISIS support on Datacap 9.1.7

    Posted Tue January 12, 2021 08:16 AM
    Anybody knows why IBM stopped supporting ISIS most popular scanning standard on release 9.1.7?
    This is a major issue now.

    Moshe Yavniel

  • 2.  RE: no ISIS support on Datacap 9.1.7

    Posted Wed January 13, 2021 12:36 AM
    Hi Moshe,

    We removed Datacap support in 9.1.7 and have been successful in migrating our customers to TWAIN. We have found that virtually all scanners in the market support TWAIN.

    I look forward to our call tomorrow and would like to hear about an issues you've had implementing TWAIN.


    Tod DeBie

  • 3.  RE: no ISIS support on Datacap 9.1.7

    Posted Wed January 13, 2021 08:33 AM

    We would like to hear what was the reason for removing the support of the most popular scanning drivers in the market. is it license fee to EMC?
    1. All heavy duty scanners (high level such as Kodak 4000/3000, Panasonic 4650) – support both
    2. However, all our customers are using VRS (by Kofax)) for Bar-Code recognition and for improving image quality and VRS support only ISIS
    3. We can't change the customer setup for ISIS as the scanner may be used for other applications, not only Datacap
    4. TWAIN seems slower vs. ISIS on heavy duty and dose not support document counting (ISIS does)
    5. Who will pay for this migration to TWAIN? - we ask customers now to go and find TWAIN drives, install them, perform resting... - this migration is costing!

    Moshe Yavniel