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Problem with Windows Recorder and JAVA Application

  • 1.  Problem with Windows Recorder and JAVA Application

    Posted Sat August 14, 2021 08:08 AM

    we have a situation where we have a java desktop application running using java jre1.8.0_45  and IBM RPA  Version 20.12.5 Recoder can not find it .
    We have opened the application and try to find it with the recoder by clicking on the window while pressing the CTRL button from the keyboard but it does not give us any color (green or red) so that the recoder can not identify it .

    we have followed these two links in IBM Docs link1 and link 2 ,however they refer that these steps are for IBM RPA versions before 20.12.5 and the same problem exist the recoder can not identify the opened window.

    We think it may be a problem with java access bridge so we try to use another tool that that allows exploring, as well as interacting with, the Accessibility tree of any Java applications that uses the Java Access Bridge to expose their accessibility features which found in this link  access-bridge-explorer
     and it can recognize the window and all controls within it .

    so we ask why and what may cause this problem ?

    [ahmed] [shaheen]
    [System developer]
    [Cairo] [Egypt]

  • 2.  RE: Problem with Windows Recorder and JAVA Application

    Posted Fri September 17, 2021 11:33 AM

    Hello Ahmed!

    The behavior you're describing is indeed odd. Does the recorder not find anything at all or does it only find the main window but not any of the controls inside it? If it can find the window but not the controls, this could be a bug, but if it can't find anything at all, it might be an incompatibility with the recorder. In either case, we would need to investigate further, we might need to get help from the support team on this.

    This is a rather old question so I must ask, have you managed to solve this issue at all? I'm asking because if this problem is still persisting, this sounds like a case for getting the support team involved.

    Vinicius Maidana