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Connecting a shared mailbox

  • 1.  Connecting a shared mailbox

    Posted Mon August 23, 2021 05:06 AM
    Dear IBM RPA Community,

    in my current project we need a separate email for the robot. We're working with Office 365 and Outlook. Because it would cost something to set up an own email account solely for the robot, we decided to create a Shared Mailbox so that the robots accesses incoming emails from there.
    However, I have failed so far connecting the Shared Mailbox to IBM RPA. The email address cannot be connected which is understandable as it is not an own email account. So I connected it to my personal email which is connected to the shared mailbox. There however, I cannot find a command within IBM RPA to access the shared mailbox and read emails from the shared mailbox.
    Did you find a solution to do that? Or know an alternative way to fix that the robot has a separate company email address which is cheap or doesn't cost anything?

    The code snippet is here:
    outlookConnect --mailusername "" outlook=value
    while --left "${continuousLoop}" --operator "Is_True"
    emailApplySearchFilters --useanotherfolder  --folderpath Inbox --subjectdirective "All" --wordsdirective "All" --connection ${outlook}
    emailCount --connection ${outlook} emailCount=value

    Thanks in advance

    Jan Lorenz