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  • 1.  Bot time out

    Posted Fri August 06, 2021 03:12 AM
    Good afternoon, I have a published bot sometime I notice there is timeout error occur, I am sure the script run without error since already tested fine at Studio client. I know that every bot published has three types of execution times attached to it:

    Green time:
    The optimal expected bot runtime. It has no impact on the runtime.

    Yellow time:
    The average expected bot runtime. It has no impact at Studio on the runtime.

    Red time:
    Maximum allowed runtime. The Bot Agent interrupts the script if the runtime exceeds this time.

    If the bot got complex process and got access to external process (google cloud vision) then may likely time out occur, so how I adjust the execution time in this case?. I need to edit each type of time out and specify longer value or just the Red time need to edit?


    Sonny Siah
    Infra365 Sdn Bhd

  • 2.  RE: Bot time out

    Posted Mon August 09, 2021 07:55 AM


    You are right. execution times are used to identify if some bot is taking longer than expected to execute. They are set to 2 minutes by default, but you can edit it depending on the case.
    Once the Red time is the only one that effectively kills the execution, you are free to change it to have a script running for a longer time. Yellow time can be used to identify on the fly if the execution is taking longer than expected and the Red time is about to be reached.

    You can edit these values in two situations:

    1. When publishing the script

    2. In Script details, inside the web Control Center (Control Center > Scripts > Details > Version > Edit execution times)

    Hope this helps you. Best regards!

    Antonio Campos - WDG