Robotic Process Automation

  • 1.  Set Value to Field

    Posted Fri October 01, 2021 02:25 PM

    I'm triying to set a value in a text control in a WebPage, bot executes the process without error, but no text was entered.

    This is my script:

    webStart --name Instagram --type "Chrome"
    webNavigate --url ""
    webClick --isdoubleclick  --selector "InnerTextAndTag" --innertext "Log In" --tagname button
    webWait --timeout "00:00:30"
    webSet --value lpa_corporate --selector "XPath" --xpath "/root/document[1]/group[2]/edit[2]"
    webClose --name Instagram --leavebrowseropen

    Thanks for your help

    Alex Virrueta

  • 2.  RE: Set Value to Field

    Posted Mon October 04, 2021 09:24 AM
    Hi Alex,

    You could try to enable the Simulate Human parameter of the webSet command, it has helped me on similar occasions. On a side note, I suggest using selectors with more unique information rather than absolute XPath, since it can be prone to errors if the order is changed on the web page.

    Vinicius Marques