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Container task behaviour (and stages and sets)

  • 1.  Container task behaviour (and stages and sets)

    Posted Thu September 02, 2021 10:34 AM
    Experimenting with modelling semi-structured workflows, with unexpected results:

    I have a case with a container activity and two subactivities, one of which is manual. The manual subactivity has been started and and thus changed from optional to required, yet both the container activity and the case are marked as "Complete". This cannot be correct, right?

    It sort of makes sense that they temporarily become complete after the first (automatic) subactivity is completed, but before I start the optional manual subactivity, but then I expect them to switch back to "Working".


    I addition to this I will go on and see if I can set the container to optional but the subactivities to required (only applicable if the container is started). This may prevent the temporary completion, but I am still interested in an explanation to my original observation.

    Mattias Edling

  • 2.  RE: Container task behaviour (and stages and sets)

    Posted Thu September 02, 2021 10:42 AM
    Edited by Mattias Edling Thu September 02, 2021 10:43 AM
    I am also trying out stages and sets as an option to create sequence on the case level. I can of course use a single activity with a long-running process, but then I must use an ad-hoc process activity* and those are hard to reach from the case details adapter page (using on-premise BAW 21.0.2).

    There are some many levels in play that naming becomes a problem, in addition to user confusion ... 

    *For a situation where the case/process is at rest until a customer calls in. I don't wan't any placeholder tasks in the worklist. One should work the case, not a queue.

    P.S. I really dislike the option of starting the next activity or stage from within the preceding activity (set an init condition property or complete the stage), since this leads to a messed up sequence in the history. It is also Wrong(tm) in my BPM-coloured way of thinking.

    Mattias Edling