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IBM Is Bringing In Artificial Intelligence In Media & Digital Marketing

By Silver Hawak posted Fri July 09, 2021 07:21 AM


IBM is a well-known multinational company and they have been working on creating and dishing out new technologies that improve the digital ecosystem. For this reason, IBM recently launched three products to expand their artificial intelligence solutions for publishers and brands. Their new products are designed to allow businesses and brands to reach customers without compromising their privacy. With these technologies, they want to work with LiveRamp, Nielsen, AT&T, and MediaMath. 

Through these products, they are trying the scale artificial intelligence. According to the SVP of cognitive applications and blockchain at IBM, they understand that the advertising industry is coming out strong after battling societal and global economic issues. He also added that these technologies will bring in major transformation by eliminating third-party cookies and changes in the mobile identity. That being said, there are chances that AI will become the backbone as the industry is spiking up advertising. 

According to IBM, they are trying to use artificial intelligence for fixing problems in the advertising industry while aiding financial services, retail, and healthcare. These new technologies are designed to meet the upheaval of the advertising industry and the industry will advance with the integration of artificial intelligence. The technologies are released as a part of IBM Watson Advertising which will leverage artificial intelligence to make data-driven and informed decisions, and include the following;

  • Extensions 

When it comes down to the IBM Watson Advertising, there are extensions available for the accelerator. These extensions include the OTT and improved video features that will be launched in a short time span. Moreover, these extensions are likely to leverage machine learning which will help marketers to improve video advertising according to the users’ reactions. 

  • Attribution 

With the IBM Watson Advertising suite, the beta solution will be launched in the forthcoming future and will leverage the same machine learning standards. The beta solution will enable the marketers to quantify the worth of advertising spending while understanding the performance as well as intent drivers. Also, the quantification will be accurate. 

  • Predictive Audience

IBM Watson Advertising suite is the solution that also leverages the Studio. With this feature, the marketers will be able to progress beyond the set segments without compromising on security and privacy. As a result, the marketers will be able to reach customers that show similar behaviors. 

Improved Adoption Through AI 

IBM is highly likely to bring a set of tools to the top-notch names to ensure advertising and marketing are accessible. This will give brands an opportunity to drive forward-thinking advertising technologies for reassuring their trust in the industry. Moreover, with this suite, businesses will have access to improved AI technologies when it comes down to trust, automation, and language. In addition, these factors will integrate transparency and trust in the marketing and advertising industry. 

Developing The Artificial Intelligence Standards 

IBM Watson Advertising is collaborating with IAB to create the standards for artificial intelligence apps in marketing and advertising. This is because IBM wants to make the apps transparent while improving the adoption among users. In addition, they are trying to scale the potential of AI. You can even get in touch with for having access to some amazing advertising and marketing solutions!