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IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere V11 is now available

By Dennis Parrott posted Fri June 29, 2018 12:00 AM


IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Automation Anywhere V11 is now available!


  • IBM RPA Platform Enterprise V11 entitles you to use IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA) capabilities to augment RPA task automations.
  • IBM RPA Platform Express V11 provides a low-cost entry point for smaller deployments and includes entitlements to use IBM Business Automation Workflow.
  • Uses smart technology to link between form fields that is highly resilient to change in business applications with Citrix Automation.
  • Easily manages the stages of your RPA solutions through development, test, and production environments with Automation Lifecycle Management.
  • Stores credentials securely within the integral Credential Vault where usernames and passwords are encrypted and stored in lockers.
  • Includes queue work items for your digital workforce with RPA workload management.

With Version 11, RPA with Automation Anywhere enterprise platform includes additional automation entitlements and capabilities, such as workflow, capture, content, and decision, that expands RPA use cases for a broader range of processes to deliver higher business outcomes.


  • Adds enhanced bot orchestration and exception handling capabilities.
  • Orchestrates end-to-end processes where some tasks are performed by bots and others are performed by knowledge workers.
  • Routes bot exceptions to knowledge workers for corrective action in cases where automated bots fail.
  • Provides governance with how the bots are being leveraged to achieve business outcomes.


  • Captures provides cognitive capabilities to extract data from structured and unstructured documents.
  • Categorizes, analyzes, and extracts structured data from documents received from a variety of sources, such as email, scan, fax, file system and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.
  • Includes Watson™ cognitive capabilities to provides better insights into your unstructured content.


  • Provides a repository for all your unstructured content including images, audio and text based documents.
  • Associates content with meta data so that it’s easily located.


  • Provides the ability to define reusable complex business logic by using decision management expressed using natural language.
  • Decisions can easily be maintained by business users by providing the agility to maintain and execute rules at the right time independently from the bot development lifecycle.

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