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Updated.bat issue resolution suggestion

  • 1.  Updated.bat issue resolution suggestion

    Posted Tue September 21, 2021 09:55 AM
    Edited by Bala Chendrayudu Tue September 21, 2021 09:58 AM
    HI Team , 

    Can anyone suggest solution to resolve issue while run the updatedb.bat

    -- Product: Tivoli's process automation engine, Next release dabatabase version:V7611-365, MAXUPG:V7611-365 , MAXHFDB: null
    -- MESSAGES_PROC Product: MAXUPG switched, process messages updates
    -- BMXAA9328I -- For message file product.msg, the time stamp value for the last time messages were processed 1,556,664,841,319 is greater than or equal to the time stamp in message file 1,556,664,841,319. The message file is not processed because it is older than the last file that was processed.

    -- Type: service For object: CUSTAPP Product class : Extend from:
    -- Start processing first class:
    at 2146)

    Bala Chendrayudu