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Remove all user and site date from Maximo DB

  • 1.  Remove all user and site date from Maximo DB

    Posted 27 days ago

    Hello community,
    I want to remove all user data from a Maximo and only keep the configuration.
    All site-specific and user-specific data should be removed. All configuration data such as new MBOs, new or changed attributes, UI changes, new sig options and so on should remain in the database.
    The database should then be reused for a new project / new customer with all configurations.
    Does anybody have a cleanup script or an idea how to achive that?
    I know that it would be better if I had all the changes cleanly in dbc files and could apply them to a vanilla Maximo. But I don't have that.

    Best regards

    Dirk Huppertz
    Senior Project Manager
    Axians IT Business Solutions GmbH