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  • 1.  Login error after Manage upgrade

    Posted Fri April 26, 2024 01:25 AM
    I have a question about Upgrading MAS and Manage.
    After upgrading MAS and Manage, I am not able to login to Manage.
    I have confirmed that Manage deployment has completed.
    Has anyone seen this login error?
    If you know a solution to the login error, please let me know.
    The verification environment and upgrade procedure are listed below.
    I have also attached a capture of when the login error occurs.
    1. Execute "Change subscription update channel" from the MAS operator screen on the OCP management console.
      * I updated the version of MAS from v8.10.10 to v8.11.7.
    2. Deactivate Manage in MAS management console.
    3. In the MAS Management Console, update the channel with "Application Upgrade Changes".
          * I updated the version of Manage from v8.6.10 to v8.7.5)
    4. Activate Manage.
    5. The encryption key was updated and an error occurred, so restore the encryption key before the upgrade.
    6. Wait until the deployment is complete.
    7. An error occurred when I tried to login to Manage.  * Please refer to the attached file.
        -Build on AWS
        - Openshift SNO v4.12
        - MAS v8.10.10 (before upgrade) ⇒ v8.11.7 (after upgrade)
        - Maximo Manage v8.6.10 (before upgrade) ⇒ v8.7.5 (after upgrade)
        - ibm-operator-catalog v8-240227-amd64
        - Db2 v11.5 for Red Hat OpenShift 
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    Yuji Ohashi

  • 2.  RE: Login error after Manage upgrade

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon May 06, 2024 09:45 AM

    Hi Yuji,

    I looked to your procedure, and tried to reproduce it with some minor changes (but with a huge impact). If your objective was only to upgrade MAS (and manage) to a newer version, then deactivation of Manage wasn't needed at all. Deactivating Manage means that you are activating a total new Manage after version upgrade. If you were using the same database connection (I assume with Maximo data), then the approach is more similar to a migration path. In that case you could have runned the shell script  in the maxinst pod.  

    But you can still run this shell script and delete the run time pod.

    Another approach is that you upgrade via OpenShift Console and upgrade both MAS Core and MAS Manage Operators:


    Jan-Willem Steur
    Manager Business Development
    ZNAPZ b.v.
    +31 6 25639950

  • 3.  RE: Login error after Manage upgrade

    Posted Thu June 06, 2024 08:43 PM
    Edited by Yuji Ohashi Thu June 06, 2024 08:43 PM
    Hi Jan,
    Thank you for pointing out the mistake in my procedure.
    It took a while, but I tried again and was able to successfully upgrade.
    I found out that I only need to upgrade the versions of Mas Core and Manage on the OCP operator screen.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Yuji Ohashi