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🚨 Important Update for IBM Maximo Users 🚨

  • 1.  🚨 Important Update for IBM Maximo Users 🚨

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon June 03, 2024 03:29 AM

    🚨 Important Update for IBM Maximo Users 🚨

    As we approach the end of support for IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x, it's crucial for Maximo 7.6.1.x customers to plan their upgrade to the IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS). Here are the key dates to keep in mind:

    • End of IBM Base Support for Maximo 7.6.x: September 30, 2025
    • End of IBM Extended Support for Maximo 7.6.x: September 30, 2026

    Many customers are still unclear about how MAS differs from traditional Maximo 7.6.x. Below are some fundamental differences:

    Feature Maximo EAM (7.6) MAS
    Architecture and Deployment Model Monolithic (single unified unit) Microservices (leveraging OpenShift)
    Database Model and Support DB2, Oracle, SQL Server No change
    Application Server WebSphere ND & Liberty, WebLogic WebSphere Liberty only
    UI/UX Classic and Work Centers Classic and Work Centers with new skin and navigation
    Security and User Management WebSphere/WebLogic & Maximo EAM controlled MAS Authentication
    Integration and Message Queue RMI, JMS, REST REST, Kafka, JMS (external only)
    Mobile Mobile for EAM Mobile for MAS (new experience)
    Serviceability Standard system, error logs Improved logging (Elasticsearch, Fluentd & Kibana) and monitoring (Prometheus & Grafana) included
    Operations Installation Manager OpenShift Operators install, config environment, customize deployment, upgrade

    MAS Functional Areas

    Functional Area Details
    Attached Docs Fully Supported
    Reporting BIRT supported
    Industry Solutions/Add-ons All supported
    Anywhere Updated mobile apps available
    Maximo Mobile Connected and disconnected functions in one app
    Scheduler, Calibration, Linear Fully Supported
    Migration Manager Fully Supported
    Multi Language Fully Supported (25 languages)
    SAP/Oracle Integration Fully Supported
    Third Party Add-on Existing changes moved if extractable in customization archive

    Upgrade Approach for Maximo 7.6 to MAS

    1. Prepare the Database
      • Create a database by duplicating or backing up the existing Maximo 7.6.x production database.
    2. Install and Configure MAS
      • Download, install, and configure MAS instance in an OpenShift environment.
      • Create admin user.
    3. Customization
      • Create a customization archive for customizations.
    4. Deploy and Configure Manage
      • From MAS UI, select Manage app, Industry Solutions/Add-Ons, enter configuration data, and deploy.
    5. Activate
      • Database is upgraded and workloads are deployed.
      • System is ready.
      • Enable production deployment after successful testing.

    Stay ahead and ensure a smooth transition to IBM Maximo Application Suite for continued efficiency and support.

    Rakesh Ghoshal
    Principal Solution Architect

    Gulf Business Machines
    PO Box 4175, Safat, Kuwait
    General Marketing & Services Representative for IBM WTC