Sergio Silvestri

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I am a professional with more than 33 years of experience in Information Technology and Outsourcing Services.

19+ years working for American and German companies signing more than 20 IT Infrastructure Outsourcing new contracts and renegotiation about US$ 1 billion.

15+ years responsible for the development, creation and sales of winning IT technical services solutions, leveraging the full breadth of services, labor, assets, software products, offerings and new technologies to develop, multi-year/multi-country solutions and optimized cost cases that meet Client requirements considering the Client's base case, commercial/financial requirements and my Company's profitability. Present, review and modify the solution, with the internal/external client and key stakeholders, to meet requirements which match the Client's and my Company's tactical and strategic requirements and to close the deal for my Company. Lead and give direction to a Technical Solution Architect Team to develop solution for large and complex deals, and accountable for the end-to-end technical solution design, working very close with the Sales team providing the better technical and commercial way to close the deal.

2 years working as People Manager delivering IT infrastructure services for USA, Canada and Brazil Clients, responsible to manage the team in order to deliver high-quality services aligned to the Client´s business, managing IT process, preparing and report KPIs, controlling team allocation and working hours, giving feedback and promotions, managing employees skills and training, managing team cadence, participating in up line manager cadence and Client´s providers cadence.