Vaisakhi Mishra

IBM Data Science and AI Elite

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IBM Data Science and AI Elite


I'm a Data Scientist with IBM Data Science Elite team where I work alongside clients to help them on their journey to AI and I love exploring and uncovering stories through data. I completed my Masters in Information Management from University of Washington, with specialization in Data Science and Business Intelligence, and hold a Bachelors in Technology in Electronics and Communication. I started my  journey in IBM as a Business Intelligence Intern and then joined the DSE team in New York.
I love working on the plethora of use cases I get to work on with the DSE team as I not only get to apply my knowledge in real world applications but also get the chance to meet with different customers in various industries and work with people from different backgrounds, making every project an amazing learning experience.

I am eager to learn more and share all that I have learnt so far in whatever way I can. So let's connect!