Nik Berezkin

Transportation Specialist,
Vail Transportation,
Blue Sky Limo | Vail Transportation

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Blue Sky Limo | Vail Transportation
Vail, CO
Work: (970) 376-7849

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Transportation IT Specialist in Vail Colorado Blue Sky Limo in Vail Colorado provides transportation to and from Vail Airport. My job as a Vail transportation IT specialist revolves around deployment and maintenance of LimoAnywhere reservation and CRM systems for the day to day operations of our airport transfer service. It has been a dream come true to move to beautiful Vail, Colorado and work as a transportation specialist. The commute from Vail to Denver everyday was becoming more and more burdensome, so I am very glad we finally were able to move to Vail from Denver full time. Transportation in Vail is an interesting field of work for me. Blue Sky Limo provides lots of opportunity to learn new skills, and I am able to recommend new solutions to IT and transit logistics. Helping people to secure their Vail to Denver shuttles is also a gratifying experience. I know first hand that there are some less than reputable operators in Vail providing car services, so it's great to work for a shuttle company in Vail that cares about their customers. All in all, Blue Sky Limo in Vail is a great place to work, and I'm glad to be here helping with transportation in Vail. Blue Sky Limo | Vail Airport Shuttle 1300 N Frontage Rd W, Vail, CO 81658 (970) 376-7849

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Job History

Blue Sky Limo | Vail Transportation
IT Specialist
Vail, CO, United States
March 2012 - present


The University of Glasgow
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Science, 2002
Computer Science
1999 To 2002


  • Cloud / Middleware
  • Data Science
  • Marketing & Commerce
  • Security
  • Watson Apps