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Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRS


Chinwe Vivian Ononiwu is tech enthusiast, an innovative and data driven strategist with specialized training and expertise that spans engineering, data & digital strategy, business intelligence and administration. Combining engineering principles with business education, she has acquired a great deal of management experience in a fast growing market which started from working with one of the biggest banks in Nigeria, pioneering a new branch of an engineering company , to co-leading the ICT strategic team of a new branch of one the biggest government agencies in Nigeria With an undergrad in electrical/electronics engineering, a 9+ years’ experience in business and management in a vast emerging market like Nigeria, a comprehensive training in disruptive innovation and strategy with the late Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School and an ongoing master’s degree program from the prestigious Harvard university in management, she recognizes the ever-rising disruption and reinvention of most businesses and organizations by data, new digital business models and technologies. She thus has a passion for deploying data and digital strategy and innovations for organizations by rolling out smart business intelligence, data analytics solutions and education. Outside work and academics, she is passionate about self and community development. From being a Rotarian since 2014, she founded and chartered a new rotary club, the Rotary Club of Abuja Capital which comprises of a group of young professionals who are passionate giving back to the community by using their education, network and profession to help the less privileged in their community. In terms of self-development, she loves to help and mentor individuals especially those young girls and mothers starting off in tech related career paths, to become better versions of themselves in whatever they A Philomath by nature, she loves to learn new languages, cultures and unpopular ideas.