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IBM AI Learning: Need help on data science and AI courses?

  • 1.  IBM AI Learning: Need help on data science and AI courses?

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    Posted Fri October 11, 2019 11:41 AM
    IBM AI Learning, hosted by the IBM Skills Gateway contains a catalog of 50+ learning activities designed to fast track your way to artificial intelligence knowledge.

    Have questions on courses? Need help troubleshooting? Anything we've missed? Drop us a line in this discussion thread. 

    Here's a sample of what you'll see in the AI Learning catalog:  

    Artificial Intelligence Concepts

    Objective: Terms and concepts related to artificial intelligence (AI), including augmented intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural...more

    Build Machine Learning Models

    This collection of learning assets focus on building machine learning models.

    IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Essentials

    IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is a secure enterprise catalog to index, classify, and govern your data with greater efficiency. Watson...more

    Watson Studio Essentials

    Objective:  An interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate their insights. Data...more

    Christina Howell