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Data Science Interview Question

  • 1.  Data Science Interview Question

    Posted Mon September 28, 2020 01:22 PM
    Hi All, 

    I have been asked the below question during an interview : 

    Suppose you are a data scientist at Amazon. Your competitor (let's say flipkart) is regularly checking the prices of commodities at your website and is changing the prices accordingly at their website. How could you stop your competitor from doing the same ?

    Can anyone answer the above question ?

    Abhishek Tomar

  • 2.  RE: Data Science Interview Question

    Posted Tue September 29, 2020 12:02 PM
    A clever idea is to hide prices and change them from a user to another one based on their actions : if a user A is more active than a user B in buying products, user A should get lower price than user B .
    we can push this further using Bayesian learning

    Ayoub Ajarra

  • 3.  RE: Data Science Interview Question

    Posted Tue September 29, 2020 11:59 PM
    Edited by SRUTI CHAURASIA Wed September 30, 2020 12:08 AM

    Hi Abhishek,

    My Answer would be,

    As we know, if competitor is regularly checking the website to get the price of commodities then for sure they are going to show below characteristics;

    • Not going to place any order.
    • Will spend less time in one commodity compare to customer.
    • Frequently, visit in your website to get the new price.
    • Probably, they can use company URL or same location.

    Again some of customers used to check the commodities but not buying, in this stage the point is how you are going to take the valid decision as visitor is our competitor or customer because we can't stop customer to visit our website for the marketing reasons. 

    In This stage you can create the classification model by using the data at least with above mentioned characteristic variables to classify the visitors in your website. Then create the alert for your company and show the WRONG price tag of the commodities to those competitors through model to protect your company's strategies from the competitor.

    Hope it will help you!