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Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

  • 1.  Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

    Posted Mon August 30, 2021 02:10 AM
    Edited by Justin Doebele Tue August 31, 2021 09:05 AM

    Artificial intelligence is bringing some incredible developments to sectors such as customer service. Find out more about some of its applications here.

    Artificial intelligence development has been making strides forward in recent years, and this has meant that we have seen many applications of AI appear across businesses. Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business regardless of industry. It is thought that AI should be able to aid greatly in this area. Here are some of the applications of AI we are already seeing in customer service.

    Improving Wait Times

    Customer service representatives have to deal with a lot. This can lead to busy call centres and other issues. If you leave your customers stuck in a queue and waiting for someone to get to them, they can quickly become frustrated. The longer that you leave them, the more annoyed they can become. Even if the problem is easy to solve, you can be left with a fractious customer to deal with if they have been on hold for some time.

    Implementing AI can help with some of these pressures. The AI can sort customers by priority – so those with more complex issues can get help sooner – and it could even offer solutions itself that means that the customer might not need to speak to a human customer service representative. This can help alleviate wait times and will help your customer service representatives tackle tickets more efficiently.

    Problem Solving

    AI is often used on sites without visitors even noticing. As mentioned above, in some systems it is even able to solve issues that customers might have. For example, an online casino might have a live chat feature that they use to talk to their customers. This could be powered by AI; in many cases the AI chatbot is almost indistinguishable from a real person.

    When a question is put to the chatbot, it will be able to follow certain workflows that have been programmed into it. If it can come up with a suitable answer, it will present it to the customer. If not, it can pass them along to someone who might be able to help. Problem solving in this way will only help improve the efficiency of customer service overall regardless of the commercial sector.

    Offering Insight and Data

    Keeping track of the effectiveness of your customer service teams is a must for any company. Using AI to aid your artificial intelligence means that you should be able to pull on insights and data at any moment. Crucial data regarding demographics or customer decisions is easily accessible, and can be analysed quickly.

    This means that time that would usually be spent on such analysis can be put to better use elsewhere. Data can be gathered, analysed, and put into practice on a much more efficient timeline overall.

    AI is one of the most exciting areas of tech that is currently under development. There are so many changes being made every day, and they could have some incredible outcomes for the world of business. AI could make a real impact in this sector beyond customer service. Check out some of the biggest developments and changes to find out more.

  • 2.  RE: Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

    Posted Tue August 31, 2021 07:52 AM
    Good post Justin. Easy to follow and straight to the point. One of the applications that really got my attention was how AI can offer insights and data on clients and issues raised so that the time used in gathering these insights by customer service reps can be used for more tasking objectives. Thanks for sharing.

    ICT Engineer
    Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRS

  • 3.  RE: Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

    Posted Fri September 03, 2021 12:25 AM
    Very interesting and accurate post. Thanks for sharing those examples. It provides insights of the many different ways AI can be applied in those scenarios.

    Alejandro Campos Chinchilla
    San José